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prof_povedaIgnacio Maria Poveda Velasco

Full Professor of History of Law of the Law School. He was former Director of Law School of Ribeirão Preto of USP (FDRP).

Bachelor in Law from Law School/ Sao Paulo (1982), he had his Master (1990) and Ph.D. (1996) in Roman Law from the same institute. He has taken a post-doctorate internship at Università degli Studi di Roma I – La Sapienza (1996-1997). Full Professor of History of Law and Roman Law (2000).

He has experience in Law, focused on History of Law and Roman Law, working primarily with the following topics: Roman contract law, in special purchase and selling; Roman procedural law, emphasizing debtor’s protection (beneficium competentiae); history of ancient and medieval law, emphasis on study of sources; history of Brazilian law, especially family law, land property and Brazilian legal historiography. Finally, he is also knowledgeable about modern civil law, in special Torts and Liabilities Law.

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